Avoid the Monday Blues: 4 Weekend Habits to Ease You Into the Work Week

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You know that feeling of total grogginess and malaise that occasionally attacks some Monday mornings? That feeling of not being ready to start the work week? Like the weekend was not long enough? It might have to do with the way you’re spending your weekend. There are a few habits you can master over the weekend that will make easing into the work week a little easier. Pick one or try them all.

How do you spend your days off? Do you sleep until noon? Do you pack in all the DIY projects you can fit? Did you know the habits you form on the weekend can have a huge impact on how the rest of your week (and life!) can be successful? Here are suggestions of four habits to consider learning so that the rest of your week is more successful.

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1. NOT sleeping in
I. Am. The. WORST at this. You’re not doing any good by trying to “catch up” on extra sleep on the weekend. Some scientists have pointed out that the best way to be your most restful self is to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up at the same time each morning. Might put a damper on any stay-all-night out plans, but if you find yourself consistently groggy and not rested come Monday morning, you might consider test driving this theory for a couple of weekends to see if it makes a restful difference.

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2. Keeping a similar morning and night routine
In the same vein, keep your momentum through the weekend by continuing your (potentially) mastered morning and evening routines, even if you have to adjust slightly. That means getting up and working out if that is important to you, enjoying a moment of quiet before rushing into your weekend activities, or staying away from the computer screen before going to bed. There can be plenty of time for lounging and relaxation later in the weekend day if that’s what you hunger for, but continuing your morning and evening routines throughout the weekend will make it feel more natural to continue them Monday morning, instead of having to feel like you’re starting over.

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3. Make working on your life balance important
You might have a to-do list a mile long, from running errands to DIY repairs around the house, but getting too much done on the weekend — and not scheduling in any fun — is a sure-fire recipe for burnout when Monday morning comes around. A great remedy? Plan one specific fun thing (that you don’t do often) to do on the weekend.

We don’t mean some activity you occasionally do on a weekday that you enjoy like going out to eat or watch TV — those are things you can do without thinking. Treat yourself to an activity you know you’d love that you don’t normally have time for. Maybe it’s a fun outdoor activity like kayaking. Maybe it’s going to an art museum. You’ll feel energized and reinvigorated by Monday morning by a boost of super fun over the weekend, and it’ll keep you smiling all week long.

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4. Use a part of Sunday to reflect and prepare
It’s easy to be a bit of a zombie on your days off, and certainly if doing nothing is important to you, you should make sure you schedule some of that in! Slowing down a bit on the weekends is key to recharging again for a busy week ahead. As is taking time out on your Sundays to do a little prep time for the next week, physically writing down a few things last week that you felt were successful and not successful.

Set some intentions for the week ahead. Know you have appointments or meetings coming up? Gather everything you need now and place in an easy-to-find spot to avoid mid-week rushing around. Make sure you have enough supplies for healthy, energizing breakfasts all week long. Consider crafting make-ahead meals for the next few days. Center yourself in your own personal universe so you start Monday morning with a comforting feel of control over the week ahead — and the relaxed mood to handle anything that’s out of your control!

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Updated: 25.10.2014 — 23:52