How to Get Rid of Pet Odors, How to Clean Your Windows with Newspaper, and Other Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems — Apartment Therapy Video Roundup

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Our furry friends sure are adorable… but sometimes, they leave behind smells that are less than cute. Here’s a simple, green solution for getting rid of pet odors, plus a few other solutions for everyday household problems.

From maker John Gleeson Connolly, here’s a simple, green solution for getting rid of lingering odors to due to dog and cat pee.

Speaking of green solutions… did you know you can clean your windows with newspaper? Maxwell shows you how in this old cure video. (Skip to 1:53 for the window cleaning part.)

Here’s a solution to another pesky household problem: how to get candle wax out of jars.

And finally, here are some great tips from Maxwell on how to maintain wooden butcher blocks and cutting boards in the kitchen. The proper maintenance can keep your butcher block looking good, and make it easy to clean too.

Thanks for watching, and happy weekend everyone!

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(Image credits: Lindsay Tella)

Updated: 27.10.2014 — 00:18