27 Practical And Ingenious Gadgets For Kitchen

We’re all familiar with the basic utensils and accessories we usually need in the kitchen, things like knifes, cutting boards and can openers. But there are many others you don’t know about or you’ve ignored until now. They have each been designed for a specific purpose: to make our lives easier.

1. Egg Fry Rings

1-eggringsIf you’re the type that likes everything to be just perfect, you’ll appreciate these egg fry rings. They’ll keep your eggs nice and round and won’t allow them to stick to each other in the pan.Available for 18$.

2. Pluck Egg White Separator

2-egg-yolkThere are many different types of egg yolk separators. Some people just use the shell but here’s an example for something cute and practical. It’s a pluck separator, easy to use and simple-looking.Available for 13$.

3. 3-in-1 Egg Slicer

3-egg-slicer1Another very useful item is the egg slicer. It’s quite difficult to get even slices given the shape of the egg. With this slicer, you’ll do it in no time. It’s just as useful as the apple slicer.Available for 19$.

4. Star Flower Pancake

4-egg-flowersKids can be very picky when it comes to food and if it doesn’t look good they won’t eat it. But nobody can say that a flower-shaped egg is ugly.

5. Egg Poach Pod

5-egg-poachMaking poached eggs is not extremely difficult but it requires all your attention and skill. Also, you can’t do more than one. But with these pods it all gets easy.Available for 10$.

6. Chef’n Panini Spatula

6-chef-spatulaThis is a spatula designed to allow you to gently lift freshly grilled Panini. Moreover, it also allows you to cut it with ease, thanks to its clever shape.Available for 21$.

7. Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

7-modern-green-cutting-boardVery practical an attractive, this cutting board can be fixated to the sink and it has a built-in compartment for washing and draining vegetables and fruit.Available for 29$.

8. Workbench Cutting Board

8-wood-cutting-boardWhen you have to cut and dice multiple ingredients, it’s not very practical to have a plate for everything. This cutting board provides you with the perfect solution.Available for 299$.

9. Round Corner Cutting Board

9-corner-cutting-boardThis is just a regular cutting board but what makes it special is its shape which allows it to be placed in a corner, thus saving you valuable space.Available for 149$.

10. Mini modular Cutting Board

10-modern-cutting-board-storageThis cutting board has a built-in compartment underneath where you can place a container and just slide the freshly-cut pieces into it with one movement.Available for 29$.

11. Transfer Cutting Board

11-plates-cuttingIt’s always a little annoying to have to pick up the sliced pieces with your hand or knife in order to put them on a place. This cutting board makes things easier with its design.Available for 79 euros.

12. Collapsible Bin Cutting Board

12-bin-cutting-boardThis collapsible cutting board also has a clever design. Put it on your counter and, as you cut, you’ll be able to just push the unwanted piece into the small compartment.Available for25$.

13. Glass Wine Server

13-glass-wine-serverWine these wine servers you’ll never lose another drop of wine. They’re easy to use and always good to have, especially if you don’t have a steady hand.Available for 6$.

14. Rainman Carafe

14-carafe-wineFor a more dramatic and beautiful effect you can use this wine carafe. It’s very artistic and it has a minimalist design, perfect for fancy dinners.

15. One Click Stick Butter Cutter

15-butterThis is a very handy butter cutter. It has a stainless steel blade and easily slices cooled butter evenly. Keep it in your refrigerator for easy use.Available for 12$.

16. Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet

16-bottleYou always seem to forget where you’ve put the bottle opener? With this fridge magnet you’ll never have to worry about that again. It’s very practical for any home.Available for16$.

17. Grip Grater

17-grip-graterGrating cheese is something most people despise simply because of the non-practical designs of most cheese graters. This one, however, is very easy to use.

18. Labeled Kitchen Canisters.

18-contain-storeThese labeled kitchen canisters will allow you to be better organized and to always know where to look for a certain item. Use them for anything from sugar to small objects.Available for 20$.

19. Pink Kitchen Gloves

19-gloves-pinkMake washing the dishes a pleasant activity with these pink tattoo gloves. They’ll keep your hands dry and clean while also giving you a chic look.Available for 14$.

20. Magnetic Timer

20-magnetic-timerThis kitchen timer is also something that would be very practical to have in your home. It has a simple design and it’s very easy to use.Available for 10$.

21. Banana Slicer

21-banana-slicerSlicing can be a pain especially when you’re in a hurry. With this item, you’ll slice an entire banana in just a second and it has a lovely design too.Available for 2$.

22. Mozzarella Slicer

22-mozzarella-slicerThis is a tomato/mozzarella slicer that allows you to cut even slices with minimal effort and it just a second. It’s practical and always good to have in the kitchen.Available for 38$.

23. Steel Pineapple Slicer Dicer

23-steel-pineapple-slicerHaving to slice a pineapple is never very fun and easy. But with this pineapple slicer and dicer you won’t even notice the difficulty because it does all the work for you.Available for21$.

24. Avocado Cuber

24-avocadoThis avocado cuber was also designed to make things easier for you. it’s similar to the popular apple slicers but designed specifically for avocados.Available for 19$.

25. Strawberry Huller

25-strawberry-hullerIt’s always messy to have to remove the tiny leaves and core of a strawberry. It’s why it would be much easier to do it with this strawberry huller.Available for 9$.

26. Another Banana Slicer

26-banana-slicer1This banana slicer is also something very handy. It cuts a banana in even slices with a few moves. It’s nice because it doesn’t cut the whole banana but allows you to decide the quantity.Available for 10$.

27. Peach Slicer

27-peach-slicerThis is a peach pitter and slicer. It removes the pit of the peach and slices it at the same time. we all know how annoying that can be but now you can forget all about it.Available for17$.

Source: Homedit

Updated: 27.10.2014 — 00:19