A Ghost Town of Old Houses For Sale & More Links I Like

Ghost Town for sale in Connecticut

1. An Entire Vacant Village from the 1800s For Sale in Connecticut

Karen photographed “the forgotten village of Johnsonville” in East Haddam for her blog This Old House 2:

“An eccentric millionaire bought the property and in the 1960s began transforming what was an old mill and homestead into a village that he planned to have open to the public for events, etc. Some old buildings from all around New England were moved to the property…a church, a school, a livery stable, a General Store, etc… and his vision for a village, called Johnsonville, began to take life. For a while there were activities.. like weddings and Christmas displays, a restaurant briefly, antiques store, etc. But as his health declined, so did the village vision.”

Ghost Town for sale in Connecticut 4

He has since died and Johnsonville is being auctioned off. It comes with 62 acres and 8 buildings that date to the 1800s. What do you think they could do with a village like this? For one thing, it would be a pretty awesome place for trick-or-treating at Halloween!

Ghost Town for sale in Connecticut 3

Visit Karen’s blog to see her photos. There are articles in Damned Connecticut and the CT Post about the town, and check the auction site for more information about the sale.


Emily A. Clark's antique mall booth

2. Emily Tells All: What It’s Like to Run a Booth at an Antique Mall


Media Room Maria Killam Blog

3. The Differences Between What Men and Women Want in New Houses


Centsational Girl bathroom makeover BEFORE

4. Giving a Basic Bathroom Some Style


Eric Stonestreet's house in HB

5. Eric Stonestreet’s Warm L.A. Home in House Beautiful


How a Meal Plan Saves Your Life and Makes You Pretty

6. A Meal Plan That Will Save Your Life Make You Pretty


Southern Living stone lake house Alabama (10)

7. The Stone Lake House Named “Best New Home” by Southern Living 

It’s always kind of a mystery to me why some posts suddenly go viral. This week it was all about the lovely lake house in Alabama I told you about last year, and it made the Top 10 on my blog several days in a row. It is a great house, and you can’t beat those views! 🙂

Have a beautiful day, fellow lookiloos!

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