Finding Focus: Choose Your Room and Do the 10 Minute Mindful Makeover — The Style Cure: Assignment #3

Some of us may have known from the beginning which room was going to get the treatment, but if you’ve been unsure, now is the time to firmly make the decision. Either way, you should read through the scope of what we’ll be doing in the next paragraph and make sure that the room you choose fits well within the parameters of the Style Cure’s projects.

This Cure is about decorating – not a big gut renovation – so it’s important to ask yourself which room in your home will benefit the most from a quick style update accomplished through decor-based projects. The assignments are geared toward refreshing the look of a single room; making the most of a space that just needs some more personality, color and focus to truly represent you and become a space you are happy to spend time in and proud to share with your family and friends.

To help make that happen, we’ve set aside time to paint or otherwise decorate the walls (one wall or more, up to you), add (at least) one new decor item to go with the refreshed wall (this can be a diy project or a purchase, and can be anything from big to not-so-big, examples might be a new-to-you piece of furniture, or a set of curtains or recovering pillows or switching out a lampshade). We will also deep clean the room, organize it and evaluate the flow, lighting and accessories.

Choosing a room that will benefit from these decor-centered projects will be your best bet. As you decide, please tell everyone which room you’ll be working on in the comments below.

Updated: 28.10.2014 — 02:41