Case Studies in Alternative Design Solutions

We would like to have a variety of nice views from this room of the landscape in several directions. We like the idea of using either a small hedge or low wall to help create this space. Once the girls entered the first grade, Nora began working part time. • Because we entertain fairly often, we would like to have space for a few parked cars. Other sets of alternatives are based on the same site, but different clients and design programs. This chapter includes four different projects, each with a series of alternatives for front and/or backyards. She became a freelance editor for HPC. Although the solutions are different, each was based on the same client, the same site, and the same design program. It won’t be long before the girls will be driving, and we anticipate having a few extra cars. Thomas accepted a position with Slumen-Lokes Enterprises (SLE), a venture capital company. Although there is street parking, we prefer to have some spaces within the property. INTRODUCTION
Throughout this design textbook, much has been presented regarding the development of alternatives in various stages of the design process. • There are three maple trees in the northwest portion of the yard. They met at The Ohio State University when they were juniors in the business management program. We are not sure we want this but would like to see how it might work. We hope they can be saved. Front-Yard Comments for the Macintosh Residence
• We are all music lovers and enjoy playing the piano. They bought a piece of property on the outskirts ofWorthington, Ohio. Nora was excited about the move, be­cause she was looking forward to spending several years at home raising their newborn triplet girls. The ar­chitect has finished the floor plans for the house, but the exterior character is still un­decided. We would like to have a nice place to view. Nora and Thomas Macintosh were born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Some are based on the same client, the same site, and the same design program. • There are also some smaller maple trees located to the west of the garage. Also, during form composition, it was advised that alternative design patterns be studied that would provide major structure to a design. Because they have decided to hire your firm as the landscape de­sign consultant, they are interested in some preliminary design ideas for their resi­dence. It will be a place for us to sit, play, learn, and read. In addition, during the spatial composition phase, it was suggested that various ways be investigated to create spatial edges, overhead canopies, framing of views, and so forth. • The neighbors to the east have a small front sitting area that is in direct line from the view out of the library and music room. As designers make decisions to explore alternatives at various stages of the design process, these efforts will undoubtedly serve to enhance their abilities to create unique, exciting, and personal spaces for clients. • We have a small covered area at the front entry. We don’t want them removed, as they seem to help create a pleasant setting for the house. The Macintoshes like a variety of house styles and are having a difficult time selecting a final one. In the early stages of design, when the designer is beginning to organize functional relationships between the elements of the design program and the site, it was suggested that alternative ways be explored to solve the problem functionally. Nora took a job with the local office of Hartwell Publishing Company (HPC). After graduation in the early 1980s, they married and moved to Boston. We would like to have some views to this park from the front yard. In any case, it is important to un­derstand that alternatives are (1) valuable tools to assist in the development of a final design decision, (2) beneficial in selling design ideas to clients, and (3) helpful in the growth of the designer. The differences are based on the functional organization of the site and the design theme used to cre­ate overall patterns in the design solution. Figure 14-1
Base map for the front yard of the Macintosh residence. After nearly 10 years at these companies, they decided to move to upstate New York. She was also quite pleased because her parents lived less than 45 minutes from their new home. • We would like to have some paved access to the backyard on the west side. We don’t want to just fill the side yard with a bunch of ever­greens. As you can see, we have a special room in the house for the piano. A base map of the front yard is shown in Figure 14—1, and a base map of the backyard is shown in Figure 14—6. My mother was a concert pianist, and she gave us her Steinway baby grand piano when she moved into a small condominium.

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