• The storage area is in the southeast corner. • The grill is on the east side of the seating area centered on the bay window. Front Entry. The major axis centers on the entry to the house and connects to the front walkway with an expanded set of steps. Low hedges are used to separate the entry space from the front lawn. Several new shopping developments and nearly a dozen restaurants have been built within the past several years within a mile of these condominiums. • The lawn shape defines the body of the fish. A low wall is used to raise the front yard to create a uni­form and flat lawn panel. They and their families will occupy these 12 condominiums. • The grill is on the west wall flanked by ground cover and shrubs. Major Design Aspects
• Fish enthusiasts would love this garden design motif, for it has sev­eral design elements that reflect certain aspects of a fish. • The storage area is in the southeast corner. • Masses of mixtures of deciduous and evergreen plants. Major Design Aspects
• Diagonal design theme. • The grill is located on the east wall centered between two es – paliered plants. • An espaliered plant is located on the east fence beneath the large tree. A sitting area, open to the sun, runs the full length of the porch. • Major seating space, located in a sunny area, and the fountain are centered on the bay window. • A central sculpture in the lawn serves as the major focal point of the garden. • Pavement is concrete or stone of different sizes. This leaves each space completely empty, like a new canvas. • Planting reinforces the major lines of the design. Formality is the overriding character of this design. • Two or three ornamental trees, each with a 10-foot spread and a 3-foot canopy. • Several places on the fence for espaliered plants. Front Yard. Front Yard. These areas will provide the tenants with the option to seat eight people for outdoor dining. Major Design Aspects
• A diagonal design theme creates a strong pattern for this sculpture garden. • The central lawn area, with a sculpture on line with the bay win­dow, is the major visual focal place of the design. • The grill is located to the west of the major seating area and flanked by espaliered plants. Major Design Aspects
Form. Lines of trees are situated near the property lines to provide screening and structure to this formal design. • The grill is located on the west side of the major seating area. • Pavement is concrete or stone, with some areas edged in a paver. After consulting with your on-staff arborist, it was decided that these trees would be removed. • No grill is incorporated in this alternative. • The grill is on the east fence tucked into a pocket of pavement flanked with plants. But in this case, 12 unique designs are re­quested. • The fountain is situated to be a strong part of each of the seating areas. Major Design Aspects
• Arc and tangent design theme. • Seating areas are semicircular in shape and centered on the circular fountain as a focal point. This establishes a strong base plane wrapping around most of the circular lawn panel. Each of these individuals has a two-year contract and a dual appointment with the university and the computer software company. • Secondary seating area is located for shade, also with a strong view to the fountain. Planting is symmetrical with the major axis. Front Entry. Major Design Aspects
Form. These condominiums are in a great location and are fairly close to the university. The radii, along with some concentric arcs, define the major edges of the design. • Pavements are concrete or stone, some with paver bands, and few areas with all pavers. • Various places for potted plants. IES International, a very successful computer software company, has recently pur­chased 12 condominiums within the Sand Pebble Condominium Development, which includes a total of 72 condominiums. • The storage area is in the southwest corner. • Potted plants are situated in corners of the diagonal paving pattern. • Concrete scored into arc patterns resemble the fins. • Both sitting areas are designed to be more shady than sunny. In addition, they have never been properly pruned. Major trees are used to reflect the arcs and serve to cre­ate walls that define a curved space, which creates a strong separation from the front lawn and the street. • The storage area is in the southwest corner. • A large partial-shade tree approximately 20-foot spread. This diagram also indicates the various elements and spaces pro­posed for each of the six alternatives. They would like each to be unique from the others and to provide the tenants with great opportunities for out­door living and entertainment. Although this is a nice idea, this type of structure would need to be approved by the condominium’s Architectural Review Board and the local Board of Zoning Appeals. Major Design Aspects
• Modified diagonal design theme. • The walkway, although angled in shape, provides for a fairly direct access through the garden. With each of the interiors and the exterior fa£ades receiving major renovations, IES would also like the exterior spaces to be designed. IES has created a relationship with a nearby major university in developing a program that hires visiting computer special­ists from around the world. • The storage area is in the southwest corner. • A square water fountain has an espaliered plant as a backdrop. • The arced radii to the south define bands of different plantings. • Pavement is either stone or concrete with a paver edge. • Curvilinear (left side of Figure 14-24)
• Angular (right side of Figure 14-24)
Second, there are six additional alternative design solutions based on different func­tional organizations and form compositions. In addition, the site is in an area that has seen some rapid increases in real estate ap­preciation. Figure 14—21 shows the functional diagram that was used to develop these six alternatives. Pavers are used for the seating areas. Stone pavement extends from the front entry to the sidewalk, providing a warm and welcoming walkway to the home. Access to the front and back of the house are split at this central planting. • Paved access from condominium to exit gate. Front Yard. • The sitting areas are in the open for those clients who want more sun than shade. • Sitting can occur under an arbor or in the sunny area. • Three espaliered plants are located on the fence to the east of the lawn panel. • The storage area is in the east central part of the garden. • Potted plants, to highlight seasonal color, are located throughout the garden. • Areas for annuals/perennials. A series of arcs and circles of various sizes help create a strong informal design. • The grill is located in the west patio and is focused on an es – paliered plant on the fence. • Another arbor accents the entry to the garden from the public side­walk. • Pavement is mostly concrete or stone of different sizes, and pavers for the seating areas. • Seating areas have specialty pavement and have great views to the lawn panel and sculpture. • The small circular stones at the gated entry reflect bubbles of water. The alternative design solutions for the IES condominiums have been developed in two different ways. The circumferences of the concen­tric circles, along with some radii, define the major edges of the de­sign. • Potted plants situated in corners of diagonal pattern establish a strong directional view line. The walkway leading away from the house is focused on a
small planting with trees in the background across the driveway. The lawn is edged with a low stone wall to enhance the informal character of the design. Major Design Aspects
• A circular design theme, with curved arcs acting as radii, creates the edges in this design. Pavers are used in the seating areas. • Areas of ground cover. • The storage area is in the southeast corner. A wood deck, with angled and expanded steps, creates a place for infor­mal seating in the front yard, as well as places for potted plants. Most of them are quite plain; each has a simple concrete patio, a small tree, and a grouping of several shrubs. • A circular fountain is located near the east patio. Major Design Aspects
• A circular design theme is used, with the interior sitting area being the center of the design. They have hired you because of your quality reputa­tion in residential landscape architectural design. • The north/south arced lines of the planting signify the waves of water made by the fish. Two strong axes exist to structure this entire front yard. When there are no guests, it allows the tenants to sit in two different locations. • The grill is situated on the east side of the major space between a few ornamental trees. • Water feature or sculpture of about 25 SF
• Screened area (solid fence of approximately 4′ X 8′) for trash containers. • The grill is tucked away in the open and sunny sitting area. The condominiums were built in 1972, are in mediocre condition, and need substantial work on both the interior and exterior. Circular, semicircular, and arced forms are used to identify edges of walks, walls, steps, lawn panels, and planting.

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