Halloween at My House with Harry (& Friday Links)

Halloween in Julia's dining room | hookedonhouses.net

Happy Halloween! This is Harry, the spider who spends most of October hanging out in my dining room. We’ll put him on the front porch tonight to frighten greet the trick-or-treaters.

Now that my kids are older, I get nostalgic about Halloweens past. My son Jake is off at college now, and it seems a little strange that he won’t be with us tonight. After he got too old to trick-or-treat, he’d sit on the porch and help me pass out candy to the younger ones.

Seems like yesterday he was this little baby in a Pooh costume…

Jake's first Halloween

Lily is too old to need me to go with her around the neighborhood any more – she’ll go with her friends instead – and I kinda miss the days of walking up to each door, ringing the doorbells, and getting a peek inside the houses…

Lily and Maizie Halloween 13

Our Halloween tradition is to make a big pot of chicken tortilla soup and invite some people over to help us eat it as soon as trick-or-treating is over. It’s so easy — I throw some chicken, chicken broth, salsa, etc., in the Crock-Pot in the morning and let it simmer until we’re ready to eat that night. Yum.


Okay, on to some fun Halloween links for you to check out!

Brooklyn Limestone Ghostbusters Halloween

1. Stefani Created a Ghostbusters Theme for Halloween

(Who You Gonna Call?)


cookies in shape of bloody fingers Halloween

2. “Things I’m Over This Year for Halloween”

(I’m with Ashley on this one — bloody finger cookies aren’t my favorite.)


halloween in the 1970s

3. Halloween in the 1970s vs. Today

(Raise your hand if you can relate to this!)



4. Put Googly Eyes on It

(I so want to do this next year.)


6 Creeptastic Real Estate Photos

5. Creeptastic Real Estate Listings

(Hard to believe these photos actually made it into the MLS.)


Cullen family of vampires

6. The 10 Best Cities to Live If You’re a Vampire

(Love that someone took the time to figure this out.)



7. Frightfully Fun Decorating Ideas

(My daughter wishes she had the kind of mom who does things like this.)


Funny or Die Haunted House Hunters

8. “Haunted House Hunters”

(A “Funny or Die” spoof starring Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn as a couple who just want to find a home where they can be unhappy.)


House haunted by a friendly ghost

9. A St. Louis Victorian Haunted by a Friendly Ghost

(Memories of growing up with a “comforting presence” in this old house.)


What does Halloween look like for you? Do you go all out each year or do you turn off your porch lights and close the blinds until it’s over? However you’re celebrating (or not), hope you have a great night!

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