Taller Ground Cover (Right) High­lighting the center and darkening the edges will depict a higher plant mass. Lawn Area (Right) With a consistent softness, fade the peppering and the color intensity from one edge to another. Two Ground Covers (Right) A
subtle change in ground covers can be accomplished with a different line type and a little yellow. Lawn Area (Left) Use medium to wide lines in opposite 45-degree an­gles to an edge and add peppering to emphasize the edge. Lawn Area (Right) Use medium to wide lines in one 45-degree direction to depict a faintly seen directional pattern. Formal Garden (Left) The plant can be emphasized with angled frayed lines and subtle changes in color of opposite garden sections. Linear Vegetable Garden (Right)
Use a variety of line types with differ­ent colors and a peppered shadowing against a consistent green background. Lawn Area with Contours (Left)
Highlight each contour line with pep­pering and fade from darker to lighter from one edge.

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