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Good news: If it’s sunny outside, you can wait to wash your windows. It’s best to save the task for an overcast day, because the direct sunlight can heat the windows, making them dry too quickly and leave streaks. Here are some other tips on cleaning your windows like a pro:

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  1. Combine 32 ounces of water with four to five drops of dish detergent in a spray bottle. In a second bottle, prepare a mixture of three parts vinegar to one part water. Do not use a bucket — you’ll end up putting dirt back on the windows.
  2. Mist the window with your dish detergent mixture. This mixture will break down the grease that has accumulated on the windows (very helpful for kitchen windows). Wipe down with a lint free cloth.
  3. Immediately follow up by wiping down the vinegar mixture on the window. Vinegar is a solvent and it will break down the soap from the first step so you’re not leaving a soap residue. However, on its own, it won’t break down the grease.
  4. Buff the window dry using a flour sack cloth or a streak-free drying cloth.

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