Overhanging roof forms a hood over Japanese house by Moca Architects

Sliding doors pull across to provide privacy for the bedroom, and wooden slats tacked over the bedroom windows obscure views of the interior while still allowing natural light to enter the lower floor. “It controls the eye from both the inside and the outside,” said the architects. Moca Architects designed the two-storey family home, named HouseAA, for a plot in a residential area of Nara city, in the Kansai region of Japan. The outdoor terraces are sheltered by the projection of the roof. A series of slim wooden posts dotted around the interior support the large roof structure above. Site plan – click for larger imageGround floor plan – click for larger imageFirst floor plan – click for larger imageSection – click for larger image Related story: Y+M Design Office envelops seven blocks under one roof with Rain Shelter House
The local studio topped the structure with a large, pointed roof that conceals 60 per cent of the facade and restrict views from both the interior and exterior of the building to create “a sense of security” for the inhabitants. Openings cut through the panelled roof pair up with large sections of glazing on the upper floor. Small sections of the concrete facade creep through the glazed walls of the living space onto the pitched ceiling and into the well for a timber staircase.

Updated: 02.11.2014 — 03:52