Taylor’s New Jersey Nest — House Call

Name: Taylor GulbinsLocation: Hoboken, New Jersey

My girlfriend and I share a 900 square foot apartment in Hoboken, New Jersey. We moved into the space together five months ago. And my only comeback is “Someday we will get on Apartment Therapy and then you can’t make fun of me anymore!” All in all, we are really proud of the final product. When we got there, the apartment looked nothing like it did now, but I could tell she saw the potential, and I promised her I would make it an apartment she would love — and worth crossing the river for! It is the top floor of a four-story walk up, and has a ton of character and the kind of old-fashion charm that you just can’t find in new construction buildings. • Interested in sharing your home with Apartment Therapy? She didn’t want to leave New York City, but when I found this apartment online I pleaded with her to get on the train to New Jersey — she fought me every step of the way. (Image credits: Taylor Gulbins) We love our home, and hope you will love it, too. Thanks, Taylor Gulbins! She would come home to me refinishing chairs, dressers, tables, and eventually the place came together. She was working full-time already so she was incredibly busy.

Updated: 02.11.2014 — 09:53