Design on Another Level: Platform Furniture, Raised Rooms and Other Ideas & Inspiration

And while it might seem like you need a lot of money or space to create additional levels in your home, the opposite is true: Affordable materials and creative ideas can give you a unique-looking space with extra storage. → Look! This house tour featured a gorgeous and rustic purchased platform bed with plenty of under-mattress storage. This example spotted in BoligLIV. Whether you need a way to set a different are of the house apart, need extra storage or just want an exciting new look, these rooms will inspire level ideas. You don’t have to build everything from scratch; this bed platform shows you can create levels with IKEA. Making a larger platform than needed for a mattress or a sofa cushion creates the illusion of a step or extra table surface and makes a room feel more interesting. They create an encompassing nook that feels like another room, without being completely separate from the rest of the home. Pictured above: This project by Clare Cousins Architects via YellowTrace is proof an affordable material can function and look great when it comes to creating a small space on another level. Deep, ample drawers underneath a plywood bed platform make this studio ultra usable. Another example of using the level idea with furniture. A plain area gets a modern design boost in this room spotted on Singapore Home Decor. → Silvana’s Innovative Interior. This DIY platform for a bed creates plenty of book storage in the bedroom. DIY Platform Bed With Storage. Adding built steps, platforms and levels in your home adds instant interest, and the idea is easier to implement than you think. Think just because you’ve got a single story you have to keep all your decor flat on the ground?

Updated: 02.11.2014 — 11:53