Design to Dye For: 14 DIY Colorful Textile Home Decor Items to Make

Naturally Dyed Linens using Berries and Herbs seen on Sugar Charm. Totally not textiles, but these Kool-aid dyed beau hanging planters are pretty darn awesome. (Image credits: eHow; Sugar Charm; For the Makers; Adventures in Making; Endlessly Inspired; Green Wedding Shoes; Hydrangea Hippo; Makers Society; Lovely Indeed; Green Wedding Shoes; A Fabulous Fete; The Mountain Creative; Francois Moi; Fall for DIY) Try this Inkodye Runner DIY spotted on A Fabulous Fete. I think I knew you could do this with paper, but never knew it could be done with fabric! It doesn’t just have to be fabric you get around to dyeing; we love these hand-dyed paper flowers spotted on Adventures in Making. You might find interest and style in a project that involves dyeing textiles and other home items for decor. Find out how on Makers Society. Seen on Green Wedding Shoes. This project spotted on Green Wedding Shoes could come in handy for present wrapping season that’s on its way: a hand dyed silk ribbon tutorial. We love this idea for the look of watercolor curtains: An Alternative Way to Tie Dye found on Hydrangea Hippo. Consider it for home decor for your home or as gifts for the upcoming holiday season! Spotted on eHow. Pictured above: DIY Shibori tie-dye fabric is turned into lovely throw pillows. Looking for a way to get your hands wet and your crafts colorful this weekend? Seen on For the Makers. Kind of a reverse indigo shibori idea for a cool, modern pattern to apply to just about any home object made of a dark fabric. You can make some darling art involving indigo dye, too. Seen on The Mountain Creative. Kind of taking color away than adding it, so not quite dyeing, but still neat.

Updated: 02.11.2014 — 15:53