Gundry & Ducker’s bubble tea cafe features cork seats and stripy paintwork

The studio forewent the typical bentwood cafe chairs in favour for a range of informal seating that creates “an internal landscape that people can occupy as they choose.”

Cork steps flank the shop floor are dotted with a selection of thick circular cushions that match the brightly coloured tabletops and paintwork. Bubble tea drinkers perch on tiers of cork seating around brightly coloured tables at this London cafe by architects Gundry Ducker (+ slideshow). A large white counter against the rear wall of the cafe serves as a preparation area, where customers can select ingredients and watch their order being brewed. The pattern continues onto the facade where strips of brighty-coloured metal fold off the grey painted shopfront to form signage for the cafe. Gundry Ducker   designed the space for a teashop called   Biju Bubble Tea Rooms, in London’s Soho district. Floor planSections “Envisaged as a modern day tea room, the design emphasises the social aspects of drinking tea,” said   studio co-founder Christian Ducker. “The use of natural cork in the interior refers to Biju’s use of only fresh natural ingredients, whilst the fun aspect of the drinks is reflected by the vibrant colours neon lighting and op-art graphics,” Ducker told Dezeen. A series of cork-lined blocks stacked against the wall create arm-rests and make-shift tables for customers on the upper levels. Photography is by Hufton Crow. The London-based studio created areas of terraced seating on either side of a shop floor dotted with brightly coloured tables to create sociable environment for customers.

Updated: 03.11.2014 — 08:32