5 Bulky Furniture Pieces You Could Eliminate for Sleeker, DIY Alternatives

As we read about in a post from yesterday, you might not need every furniture piece you have in your home. If fact, you might be able to eliminate a larger furniture piece — and free up more space in your home — by simply replacing something with a smaller, sleeker alternative. Instead of a bulky nightstand…DIY a floating bedside shelf or drawer
We love the simple and creative reuse of a bedside table into a space-saving floating shelf with drawer seen on D’Oh-I-Y. But you could re-purpose just about any type of shelf for this idea, even use a wall-mounted wooden box as a bedside cubby that will take up less floor space than a table. Companies like Lori Wall Beds offer both downloadable plans and DIY kits, and IKEA hackers has many inspiring projects involving Murphy beds and IKEA parts (for example, you could sleep between two BILLY bookcases!)

Instead of a dining table…DIY a cute cafe corner

For frequent large-party entertainers, you probably won’t be able to eliminate your dining table for this alternative. (Image credits: My Scandinavian Home; D’Oh-I-Y; Design*Sponge; Corelyn Coates Jennie Palluzzi ; Adrienne Breaux; offbeat + inspired) Depending on your working needs, a thin profile, wall-mounted desk could be a better option for you than an actual desk. Instead of a guest bed…DIY a wall-mounted Murphy bed

Carol and Phil of Carol Phil’s Charming 1930s Cottage had their Murphy bed custom made, but if you don’t have the funds to pay for someone else to build it or to buy one ready-made, there are plenty of DIY plans and DIY kits available online. But if you don’t entertain often, have an outdoor area that could house a table or are just looking for a cozy spot for you and a loved one to enjoy simple meals, you might appreciate the space-saving abilities of this cute cafe corner DIY found on offbeat + inspired. Instead of an imposing kitchen island…DIY burner covers and a pot rack

Though a kitchen island can certainly provide much needed extra counter-space and storage in a small kitchen, it’s not without the sacrifice of a whole lot of real estate in your kitchen.

Updated: 03.11.2014 — 08:33