Decorating Secrets: 6 Benefits to Going Minimal in the Bedroom

Less stuff = less stuff to clean = less dust, dirt and allergies
Perhaps one of the best benefits to having less physical stuff in your bedroom is less things to catch dust, less things to have to shove out from under your bed to vacuum and more. Maybe a nightstand. Gives off a feeling of ease and casualness. Here are some of our favorites to consider when trying to decide how much stuff to put in your bedroom. And sure shaves a few minutes off your morning pick-up routine. Maybe a light. Just one element can make a bold look
In the same vein, it can be easier to make a powerful, bold look in a space when you’ve got a minimal amount of things, because something like an oversized piece of art or graphic, geometric bedspread will make a much larger statement than in a room where it’s surrounded by equally bold, patterned things. We’re defining “minimal” a little literal in this post — we’re talking about bedrooms lovely because they only have the minimal amount of elements in them. Well guess what — when you’ve only got a few furniture pieces and a piece of art or two, changing the look of the entire room is as easy as a new paint color, new bedspread or even just a new piece of art. A bed. It’s crazy easy to change out the lookDo you get pretty bored with your bedroom easily? 4. → The 5 Secrets to Pulling Off Simple, Minimal Design

(Image credits: Carolyn Purnell; Bethany Nauert)

Updated: 03.11.2014 — 12:33