Before & After: A Fresh Kitchen Makeover For Under $500

Cost of paint: $150 Cost of hardware: $100
Backsplash: The “before” back splash was a continuation of the counter top: peachy/tan leafy-patterned laminate. I didn’t have a big budget, so I chose improvements that would make the most impact and also be the most affordable (and that I could do myself!): painted cabinets, new back splash, new hardware, and painted (yes painted!) counter top. For a full review of the product and tips for application, follow the link to the post on my blog. Fortunately, it wasn’t too tough to remove. This of course bumps the budget up way past $500, but I wanted to focus on the big impact made by the smaller improvements that anyone can do on a tight budget. Cost for tile, SimpleMat, grout, and tools: $170
Countertop: I didn’t have the budget for a new counter top, but I was NOT about to continue living with the old one, so I decided to try out Rustoleum’s Counter Top Coating (that’s the $40 tint-base, not the more expensive kit). I’ve wanted to redo my kitchen since I bought the house five years ago. Uglytown. It was old, dingy, and dark, and I wanted it to look new, clean, and bright. I used a mosaic (the square foot “page” of tile) subway tile from Home Depot with gray grout. As you can see in the “before” picture, the cabinets and drawers had no pulls. Cost for kit and tools: $60
*Yes, as you may have noticed, I also had hardwood installed on my floor.

Updated: 03.11.2014 — 14:33