Versatile Bedroom Decor: Shelves Above the Bed

Seen on Breathe Happiness. Seen on Miss Moss. Empty space says as much as objects, too. Seen on Door Sixteen. Spotted on Style Me Pretty. For an industrial themed feel in the bedroom, consider being inspired by the shelves in this bedroom. You might also consider doing extra dusting if you fill your shelf up — objects on a shelf can accumulate dust and that won’t be great being so close to your head while you sleep. Don’t feel like you’ve got to fill the entire shelf up, either. A white shelf floats nearly invisibly in this white and bright bedroom. And no — if you live in a geographical location prone to earthquakes, a shelf above the bed is probably not the best idea unless you secure every object on the shelf first (which might put a thorn in the versatile, change-it-up kind of vibe we’re implying this shelf idea can provide). There are a lot of things you can do with the empty space above your bed, but perhaps one of the most versatile things you can do is install a shelf. Pictured above: A simple floating shelf overhangs just on the sides of the bed and is filled with an interesting array of objects. A floating shelf doesn’t have to be filled with fancy framed art; the sturdy straight line of a shelf adds sophistication to even a casual array of leaning art pieces. Spotted via Oakdale Onward. Flanked by wall-mounted task lighting, this shelf is low and creates a cozy feel over the bed. A sleek wood headboard and a minimal bedspread are the perfect complement to a similarly simple natural wood shelf with a minimal spread of objects. Seen on Miss Moss. This shelf is cute and compact and is the perfect spot for a nice bright green plant.

Updated: 03.11.2014 — 20:33