Talk to any architect or study their work and you will begin to notice that there is both method and inspiration behind their approach. The architectural design process is as diverse as the people who practise it. The way that an architect designs – the process that they follow – is constructed by the individual; it is entirely built around their own values, skills and preoccupations. White House Redux competition

Selection process by competition jury. Thi What inspired the architect? At this point a degree of hindsight and post-rationalisation makes the complicated story of a project’s development intelligible. Why is there no one ‘correct’ answer to a given architectural problem? The White House Redux ideas competition was organised by Storefront for Art and Architecture: ‘What if the White House, the ultimate architectural symbol of political power, were to be designed today?’ The competition attracted almost 500 entries from 42 countries. In any architectural competition, no two entries will be the same. The variety and richness of approaches to the subject can be seen in the radical differences between architects’ work.

Updated: 27.10.2014 — 17:27