Professional design projects

Throughout the project, the architect coordinates the contributions of various consultants, such as engineers. There is still a need for architectural decisions, and therefore design work, while construction is in progress. Projects in a professional environment follow a broadly similar rhythm to student projects with early analytical and experimental phases, the development of the brief with the client and preliminary sketch designs developing into more resolved proposals. Conceptual sketch drawn in notebook

In 1997 Zaha Hadid Architects won the competition to design the MAXXI Museum of XXI Century Arts in Rome. The most significant differences from student projects are the negotiations and applications for approval by planning authorities at scheme design stage and building control at detailed design stage, as well as the production of information for tender, where drawings are priced by contractors who bid for the work. Regular client presentations and design reviews with colleagues in the office are similar to crits. A selection of fruit Kitchen illuminated by daylight slot
and vegetables above:

Lined with timber

The Philosopher’s books

‘hilosopher curates – views by emoving books

Portrait of Philosopher’s Muse Writing implene

Inscribed quotations

Reservoir of collected rain, serves Philosopher
Rainwater is percolated through sand Filtered water is stored within the thick wall
The water is funneled down to the sink, bath, toilet and septic tank

Septic tank

A pacmg space

Project: House for a Philosopher Location: UK Architect: AOC Date 2006
This cutaway axonometric describes the design for ‘a simple house to stimulate different modes of thinking’.

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