The client and users

Procrastination at this stage is a sign that an idea is either fundamentally flawed, or still in such a stage of watery ambiguity that the task of putting pen to paper to solve it seems daunting. Rodolfo Acevedo Rodriguez on different uses of the site:
A solution to the spontaneous weather changes that can occur throughout the day: a jazz bar offers an outdoor stage for a local band and spectators; the cinematic space offers a similar indoor space transformed by means of mechanisms and technology. The audience will have to rely on their hearing to find the theatre, as the music from the orchestra/buskers will spread throughout the park. The initial brief was provided by a local theatre company and the producer visited the design studio to discuss issues that were not covered or that were in conflict; to answer questions about how the company worked; to ask what the students’ priorities were and what they hoped for at the end of the project. Ralph Saull on making early design decisions:
The demand for distraction has prevailed this week. Spent some time sketching down how the audience find their seat. Want to avoid the usual theatre experience where you see the rest of the audience and the set before the play starts. This fitted in with my plan to bury the building, as the snow had buried the paths on site.

Updated: 29.10.2014 — 21:08