The challenge of this project is to design a theatre responding to the play as well as the context of the site. A drawing is slightly different, it is regarded as a representation of what could be there in the future, but it is also a stain on paper, an evidence of a physical reaction that has taken place before. The sketches are also clarifying my intention and what I am actually thinking – they are transforming my perception of the site (which I see as a subtle matter) into something solid on paper. Students began to make initial proposals for their projects at two different scales. This ensures that the designer reaches an understanding of what makes that particular place special and also has ambition for a project by seeking the potential for change on a larger scale. U Ieong To on making sketches to record activity on site: Sketches of the site are always my appetisers. A building has the possibility of ‘marking’ a place, just like the leaf that decays on the ground, being there in the present and changing over time. With connections we build narrative, linking one element to another. By looking at a very general and global level, a designer can consider the journey of the theatre-goer from their home.

Updated: 30.10.2014 — 04:19