How do you draw clients into this conversation?

I very often find that when we are coming to make a presentation of very early ideas, the work that is on the table is only the base layer to the understanding that is being communicated. Project: Sean O’Casey Community Centre
Location: Dublin, Ireland Architect: O’Donnell +Tuomey Architects Date: 2008
top right:
Site sketch showing the massing of the surrounding buildings and the relationship between the two landmarks, the church and the community centre. The design project

View to the Sea

Initial ideas

Project: Killiney House,
‘The Sleeping Giant’
Location: Killiney, Ireland Architect: O’Donnell +Tuomey Architects Date: 2007
Concept sketch showing the rocky landscape as a reclining figure and locating elements of the house within it. left:
Site plan showing the relationship between the building and the landscape. bottom right:
Diagram showing the relationship between different community functions (play/activity), building users (young/old) and the circulation routes between them (street/garden).

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