Workout Computer by Bless keeps you fit while you type

“We think that technology goes a little bit in the wrong direction with making things only faster but not as physical as work used to be,” said Heiss. Throughout the exhibition visitors will be invited to try out the keyboard and type their own messages. The two designers, whose fashion and design studio Bless is divided between Berlin and Paris, developed the Workout Computer to “blur the boundaries between working in the office and working out”. Some sit on the table while others are freestanding, and some are suspended between the ceiling and floor. “We thought this would be a much more modern way of living than working at the office with back pain and then doing a little bit of sport in the evening.”

“You would be able physically feel the amount of work you did at the end of a day and really fall to bed exhausted,” added Kaag. Istanbul Design Biennial 2014:   Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss are presenting a computer with a keyboard made of punching bags at the Istanbul biennial to encourage office workers to be more physical during the working day (+ slideshow). “The Workout Computer would be our everyday dream office tool,” Heiss told Dezeen at the exhibition preview. One punching pad will allow everyone to print out what they’ve typed, while also posting to a dedicated Twitter feed. The project is on show at the Galata Greek Primary School for the Istanbul Design Biennial 2014, which bears the title The Future Is Not What It Used To Be.

Updated: 04.11.2014 — 11:09