Future architecture will be built from energy says researcher Sean Lally

Energy shape diagram “Instead, architecture is at a unique and adventurous stage for questioning and reinforming our definitions of architecture, and the environments and lifestyles they foster.”
Lally has compiled his findings into a book entitled The Air from Other Planets. The images shown were created from photographs of physical models that the team has built. New Energy Landscapes, the project Lally is presenting at the biennial, proposes a future scenario where energy and heating don’t fill a building envelope, but instead become the envelope. “Without this fundamental rethinking between architecture and energy, both will remain to be seen as distinct; architecture as a building of walls and energy as a fuel for filling it,” he said. The designer says this new form of architecture without walls will fundamentally change the ways humans interact with each other and their environments. Chicago-based Sean Lally leads a team of   architects, landscape architects, engineers and researchers, known as Weathers, who are investigating how different forms of energy can be harnessed to create a type of sustainable architecture. Istanbul Design Biennial 2014: buildings of the future won’t have walls and will instead consist of climate-controlled areas of landscape according to Sean Lally, one of the contributing   designers at the Istanbul Design Biennial 2014 (+ slideshow). Lally’s research encompasses   energy and material technologies, including   electromagnetic, thermodynamic, acoustic and chemical power.

Updated: 04.11.2014 — 23:10