The "Faux Wood Paneling Nightmare Ends" Makeover — Makeovers: Decorating Project

(Image credits: Submitted by Stella) So I started looking for DIY blogs on “how to cover wood paneling”
and I found this one, which helped me out alot. • Are you interested in sharing a decorating or renovation project with Apartment Therapy readers? Makeover by: StellaLocation: New York

After months of looking for a new place, I came across this semi-attic space covered in wood paneling. After all the makeovers I’ve done in the past, I had to came to terms with the fact that this one would be a whole new deal. It was going to take more than just hanging art or getting new bed linens. Thinking of how to cover the wood paneling kept me up at night, I’m not gonna lie! Tons of primer and gallons of Behr Paint called “FRESH POPCORN” later….

Updated: 04.11.2014 — 13:10