How To Make Vintage Scarf Pillow Covers: No Sewing Needed! — Apartment Therapy Tutorials

Fold in the right side of the scarf. I am such a sucker for vintage scarves. They are little pieces of wearable art that can also look great around your home. Voila! Super simple no-sew pillow scarf in no time at all! For just a few bucks you can transform your throw pillows by adding unexpected pops of color and texture — and there is absolutely no sewing involved at all so you won’t have to ruin your lovely scarf! 5. 3. I will consider buying throw pillows at a yard sale over a thrift store because its easier to get an idea of the environment they came from. Steam or iron any wrinkles from your scarf and lay it out on a flat work surface, corners pointing straight up and down (diamond). (Image credits: Ashley Poskin) Place your pillow in the middle of the scarf, corners pointing out (square). Fold the left side over the pillow. You can leave the tip of the scarf pointing out, overlapping the outer left side, or you can tuck it under as seen below:

4. I kept my pillows super simple, using only the knots from the scarf ends to secure it to the pillow, but you can absolutely use rubber bands or ribbon to keep things in place. When you’re ready, click here to submit your project and photos. Gather a few small throw pillows from around your home. Let us know! Bring in the remaining two points of the scarf and tie the ends in a knot.

Updated: 04.11.2014 — 17:10