Getting Back to Basics: Simplicity in Inspiration, Fashion, & Furnishings

When you write a letter, you are framing and re-telling your own stories to your correspondent and to yourself, much as you would in a conversation, but in a slow and considered way. –From Your Weekly Retreat: How to Relax and Eliminate Stress at Home

Debbie Devin’s Modern Slow Living

Dedicating spaces to different activities makes home life healthier…That’s because these spaces were made for these things. —From The Beautiful Art of Doing Less

Cuyana Tall Leather Tote in Caramel

Many of us feel guilty for taking time out for ourselves, when so many other things call for our attention. Whatever would be a treat for you — crafting a great cup of coffee or allowing enough time to read a newspaper — make the time to invest in it. In terms of your life, it’s anything that makes things simpler, from getting out your bike (I’m a recent convert; when I think of the time I used to waste inefficiently walking!) to perfecting one classic, crowd-pleasing party recipe. It’s been a stressful fall, so I want to take a moment to celebrate simplicity. Just stepping back to realize that we are part of an enormous universe can put some perspective on your annoyance with the those-are-definitely-not-mine-and-they-are-abso-fricking-lutely-repulsive socks under the coffee table. In this post, you’ll find some words of wisdom from our mindful living pieces, some simple (but lovely) interiors, and some home and clothing pieces that get back to the basics. It’s a little bit like telling a story, another lost art. These spaces are, along with the activities they are built for, like two gears that come together to form a well-working machine. – From 5 Small Daily Practices that Add Up to a More Satisfying Home Life

David’s Sentimental Gentleman’s Loft

Writing letters, I realized, is really different from any other way we have of communicating. It’s the slowness, I think, that makes it beautiful – you have time to step away from things, to shape your memories, to find meaning where there was none before. (pictured above:Courtney Michael’s Scandinavian Comfort)

Diana Dominic’s art-Filled Victorian

Doing less is an art. It’s a delicate dance between your commitments and your sanity. And consider this: most of the time the feeling of “should” is coming from your own brain. – From Seven Simple Ways to Improve the Time You Spend at Home

Bonnie Russell’s Scandi-Style Victorian

Spend a few minutes each day connecting with something greater than yourself. Rearranging your bedroom for optimum rest, brushing up on color theory or evaluating the lighting in your kitchen. Whatever your spiritual beliefs — or non-beliefs — may be, studies show that connecting to a high power is correlated with happiness.

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