Front yard lawn
• +400 sq. If the clients agree with the proposal, they sign and return it to the designer. O’ S’ I o’ 20′
Figure 4-2
Base map. Base Map Preparation
Before any design work can begin, a base map showing existing site conditions and features of the site is needed. ft. Site inventory and analysis are discussed in greater detail in Chapter 7. Outdoor living space
• ±300 sq. Design Program NEWELL RESIDENCE
Figure 4-4
Design program. Work and storage space
• ±250 sq. The clients should supply information about their site including house plans, property survey, and topographic survey. Figure 4-3
Site inventory and analysis. • should be screened from rest of backyard
• should have easy access to work and storage spaces and water
9. ft. A more thorough description of site measuring and preparation of the base map is given in Chapter 6. • should have privacy from neighbors to the east
• should be partially shaded
• should provide good views to backyard plantings
5. • separate from neighbors to the east
4. A detailed outline of this first meeting with the clients is found in Chapter 5. • should be convenient to outdoor living space and indoor kitchen
6. Welcoming entrance walk
• 4.5" minimum
• should provide access from both driveway and York Drive
2. During the research and preparation phase, the designer is “getting ready.” Necessary information required later as background information in the design phase is collected and evaluated during research and preparation. Wind screen along west property line This step of the design process is discussed further in Chapter 5. Site Inventory and Analysis
The designer should conduct a site inventory and analysis (sometimes called a site study). ft. ft. These measurements may then be used to draw a base map. If this information is not readily available, the designer may need to take and record measurements of the house and site. The more the designer is aware of the specifics of a particular site, the more easily and appropriately decisions can be made in preparing the design. The designer may ask a number of questions to learn important information about the clients. 1. This phase includes the following steps:
• Meeting the clients
• Signing the contract
• Preparing the base map
• Conducting a site inventory and analysis
• Developing the design program
Meeting the Clients
The design process for a residential site design project commonly begins with a meet­ing between the clients and designer. In turn, the designer describes the types of services that can be of­fered, the process used to prepare a design, and the general costs for the design work. ft. Vegetable garden
• ±400 sq. ft. It is a time when both parties can get to know each other and discuss the prospect of preparing a design for the site. Wood storage
• ±30 sq.

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