Construction refers to the building of structural design elements such as pavements, decks, walls, fences, steps, benches, railings, and trellises (the hardscape). Figure 4-12
Construction details for a wood deck. Questions and problems typically occur during implementation that require the designer’s attention. It is not unusual that something unforeseen happens or that additional information is needed to facilitate the design’s implementation. Still other contractors work with both the hardscape and the softscape. As a member of a design firm, the designer may be hired under a separate contract to periodically observe the implementation to make sure everything is going as intended. Then, the contrac­tor can proceed to implement the design. Once the contractor is selected, whether by a bidding process or by direct selection, the owner should enter into a written contract with the contractor. The
designer’s role during implementation may vary depending on whether or not the designer is part of a design/build firm. Some contractors spe­cialize in the implementation of the hardscape and others specialize in the softscape.

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