Circular Theme

On the other hand, if there is not enough overlap between the circles, then acute an­gles are likely to occur (right side of Figure 10-32). A concentric design theme is best used when there is an extremely important design element or space that is to be the center of attraction. A design theme made up primarily of circles or portions of circles is called a circular theme (Figure 10-29). As suggested in Chapter 9, each composition should have a dominant space or form. An overlapping circular theme also has many directions or feelings of orientation. Figure 10-30
One circle within an overlapping circular theme should dominate. Concentric Circles Concentric circles create a very strong composition due to the focus of attention at the center of the design where the radii and extended radii origi­nate (Figure 10-35). Other spaces of the design should be smaller in size, although they should not all be the same size. There are two reasons for this. A rolling landform, on the other hand, would not be as compatible with the strong geometry of the circular forms. Undesirable Desirable

Figure 10-31
The circumference of each circle should pass through or near the center of adjoining circles. Two potential types of circular themes are overlapping circles and concentric circles. To acknowledge the importance of the center point, it should be a prominent focal point such as a sculpture, water feature, or special pavement pattern (Figure 10-37). Such a composition can focus on sev­eral points in the landscape (Figure 10-33). It should be a significant existing or proposed feature or space that accentuates the entire composition. Compositional variety in a concentric circular theme can be created by varying the lengths and the amount of rotation of the radii and extended radii (Figure 10-36). First, if there is too much overlap, then one circle is apt

Figure 10-29
Two types of circular design themes. The center point of a concentric circular theme should not be placed randomly on a site. It is quite difficult to deny the importance of the center in a con­centric circular theme. In addition, a concentric circular theme can be used to suggest a broad, panoramic view of the surrounding landscape (Figure 10-38). Overlapping Circles Overlapping circles create a composition with relatively “soft” edges. An overlapping circular theme has several qualities.

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