Diagonal Theme

When it is suitable to emphasize a diagonal orientation, the diagonal theme offers a feasible compositional alternative for reinforcing and enhancing exist­ing site potentials. When diagonal emphasis is preferred without the strength of the pure diagonal theme, the modified diagonal theme offers a pleasant combination. When the lines of a pure diagonal theme connect to a house, angular spaces may be created that are not totally functional. Both of these angles are directly related to the geometry of the circle and the square and help to minimize acute angles. Thus, the compositional guide­lines for the pure diagonal theme are similar to those for the rectangular theme. One possible use is on sites where there is a need to empha­size an orientation other than a direct 90-degree relationship with the house and/or property lines. Diagonal lines and spaces may actually provide longer

Figure 10-53
A diagonal design theme can establish a strong angled orientation toward a desired area in the landscape. An an­gled orientation can provide a more desirable view to some other point of interest within or off the site (Figure 10-53). Two variations of the diagonal theme used on a residential site are the pure diagonal and the modified diagonal. The landform could be terraced into flat areas to reinforce the straight-line character of diagonal themes. dimensions than possible with lines and spaces that have a 90-degree relationship with the site property lines (Figure 10-54). This is permissible as long as the angular spaces are kept away from doors or other traveled areas and do not create awkward visual or functional relation­ships. Modified Diagonal The modified diagonal theme is a combination of the rectan­gular theme and the pure diagonal theme (Figure 10-52). Second, a designer may use transition lines between the house and the diagonal lines in the site (right side of Figure 10-51). There are several advantages and uses for both the pure diagonal theme and the modified diagonal theme. A diagonal layout is also advantageous for alleviating the perceived narrow dimensions of a small site. Figure 10-51
Two alternative ways to connect a diagonal design theme to the house. This is especially true when the depth of the sur­rounding yards is very shallow and/or the neighboring houses are rather close.

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