Screening and Directing Views

Grading of the ground plane can elevate selected areas of the site to block undesirable views

Figure 11-22
A combination of slopes and retaining walls can be carefully coordinated in terms of form composition. Earth mounds are sometimes graded with abrupt slopes that make the mounds look like unappealing bumps on the site (top half of Figure 11-25). (Figure 11-24). The ground plane can also be molded to direct views toward certain points in the landscape. Figure 11-24
The ground can be graded to screen undesirable views. One other suggestion is to make mounds or berms look as if they were part of the existing site. siopsd-transitі ons stepped or terraced – trarejt/bns

Figure 11-23
The slope of the base plane in spaces created with ground should relate to the overall design theme. Figure 11-25
Earth mounds should blend smoothly with the surrounding ground.

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