Gorgeous Family Home in South Africa features Majestic Ocean Views

For a unique space like this, it should come as no surprise that many of the furnishings are bespoke. The design team of Mark Rielly and Tavia Pharaoh, out of Antonia Associates, used a starkly minimalist style. Many of the pieces are sparse, which serves to emphasize the stunning architectural spaces. Materials such as off-shutter concrete, Rheinzink roofing, timber cladding, and stone were specifically chosen for the way in which they will be able to age gracefully and fade into the landscape as the house stands for many years. 10 |

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Photographs: SAOTA, John Devonport Micky Hoyle courtesy of VISI A solar assessment allowed the architects to determine how best to situate and build the house to minimize the negative effect of direct sunlight. 4 |

The children’s bedrooms, visible in this image, keep true to the emphasis of views and glass, but feature heavy privacy curtains, allowing them to escape into their own private chambers whenever necessary. 5 |

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The interior design, of course, is understated but should not be overlooked.

Updated: 04.11.2014 — 23:01