Form Us With Love designs plastic seating range for Ikea

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“Ikea asked us to design something specific enough for a home that could withstand the international tests for public seating,” said the studio in a statement. The designs feature thin back and seat elements that are gently curved to accommodate the contours of the body, while legs positioned at each of the four corners are rounded and splay outward slightly from the seat. “To pass, we had to design for strength, durability, impact, drops, tilts and unit stability.”

“Despite the challenges, Janinge chairs and stools had to be the most affordable objects we had ever made.”
Moulded from polypropylene and glass fibre, the stackable chairs can be used both indoors and outdoors and are available with or without short armrests. Stockholm studio Form Us With Love has created “the most affordable objects” in its repertoire: a pair of moulded plastic chairs for Swedish furniture brand Ikea. The Janinge chairs by Form Us With Love are made for use in residential, commercial and educational spaces. “We are so happy with the collaboration that we have already started our next project,” revealed Ikea product developer Åsa Hederberg.

Updated: 05.11.2014 — 14:39