15 Space-Savvy Seating Ideas To Reinvent Small Spaces With

Small spaces raise a lot of problems and one of the biggest challenges is finding the right type of seating for these rooms. But any problem has a solution, in this case actually more than one. These cleverly-designed chairs are the perfect answer in this particular case.

1 | Hanger Chair


2-philippe-malouins-hanger-chair1The Hanger Chair is one of the most ingenious pieces of furniture you can find. It was designed by Philippe Malouin and it’s basically a chair you can hang on a wall when you’re not using it. It comes in a variety of colors and folds flat so you can also store it in tight spaces.

2 | Stackable Ottomans

3-David-Gaynor-Design-OttomanOttomans are a comfy choice when you need some extra seats for your guests but finding a place to store them when not needed can be tricky. But these ones from David Gaynor can be stacked so that problem disappears. They also look interesting when stacked in a tower, especially if you have ottomans in multiple colors.

3 | Folding Chair


5-folding_chair_leo_salom_homedit1Folding chairs are an obvious answer to the space-related problem but most of them don’t really fold flat. Well, this one does and this allows you to store multiple chairs in one tight space, like the area between a cabinet and a wall.

4 | Flux Chair


7-flux-chairs-by-douwe-jacobsThe Flux chairs may not seem very space-efficient at first but they hide a secret. They’re actually foldable chairs and, it that state, they take very little space. They were designed by Douwe Jacobs.

5 | Triplette n°2 Nestles Three Chairs In One






13-nestles-three-chairs-in-one5Paul Menand also came up with an interesting solution for small spaces. This is a set of three chairs which you can stack as one. This lets you save some space while keeping the room’s décor neat and natural.

6 | Floor chair

14-folding-floor-chairAs you’re starting to realize now, there’s more than one type of folding chair and some of them are really interesting and ingenious. For example, these chairs disappear into the floor. You don’t even need to have a designated storage space for them because they create their own when you install them.

7 | FlexibleLove



17-16-persons-in-one-pjece-of-furniture2Folding chairs are one thing but have you ever heard of folding sofas? Well, they actually exist and this is one of the designs. This piece allows multiple configurations and it can seat up to 16 people. Of course, depending on your needs, you can decide how spacious it should be.{found on site}.

8 | Tilt


19-hideaway-furniture-folditureThis is Tilt, a chair designed by Folditure for small spaces. The chair collapses into a compact piece which is easy to store and hide. When folded, it’s very thin but this doesn’t affect its strong and durable design.

9 | Quad Micro Bar



22-Quad-Micro-Bar1It sure is nice to have chairs you can easily hide and only reveal when needed but what about a table? That would be useful too. Meet QMB, short for Quad Micro Bar. It’s a set of four stools and a small table which all fit in this compact piece.

10 | Jack Smith Stool

23-folding-stool-by-jack-smithStools don’t give you many options when it comes to storage. You can maybe stack them or hide them under the table. Well, the stool designed by Jack Smith introduces a third option: folding. The three legs fit perfectly into a Y-shaped hole in the seat.

11 | Oyster



26-oyster-by-kawamura-ganjavian1This is Oyster, a cozy and comfortable chair by Kawamura Ganjavian. It’s a versatile piece of furniture and it can also be folded into a cushion to save space. Great for winter.

12 | Superbambi



29-BambiChair-Comp2-2This oddly-shaped chair doesn’t fold flat. In fact, it doesn’t fold at all. Instead, it allows you to save space in other ways. The chair is actually a combination of two distinct pieces which can be reconfigured and combined in different ways to form other pieces of furniture. The white portion can also be used independently as a table.{found oncore77}.

13 | Maya Chair



32-stunning-new-folding-chair-that-can-hang-in-the-closet1The Maya chair is an elegant mix of planar surfaces, curved edges and voids. They form a sculptural piece of furniture which, if needed, can be folded effortlessly in a slim and compact piece.

14 | Cóm-oda



35-com-oda-wood-tattoo-on-folding-chairs1Having a few extra folding chairs in the house is definitely useful when you have guests coming over but what to do with them when the guests leave. The chairs designed byMr. Simon offer you the answer: make a bench with them.

15 | Resmo





40-resmo-folding-geometric-seating4Source: Homedit

Updated: 19.10.2014 — 23:58