Dig In and Do a Little Online Research — The Style Cure: Day 9

If you are shopping:

No matter what you’ve decided to buy for your decor pairing, the sooner you start looking into what is out there in the retail world, the better. Start your search online today to get an idea of available sizes, shapes, colors, textures, lead times, price ranges etc. Pin your product possibilities to your Style Cure board or bookmark them so you don’t lose out on any good leads. This is about finding a range of product that all might fulfill your decor pairing brief – the goal isn’t to find “the” lamp or “the” bar cart, but rather to start forming a picture of not only what sizes and styles are available, but what the low and high end of the cost spectrum is for the product you are sourcing. As always, feel free to share links to what you are considering in the comments below and ask your fellow Style Cure-ers for feedback.

Updated: 05.11.2014 — 20:41