25 Cool Shower Designs That Will Leave You Craving For More

There’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to creating Cool Bedroom Designs or decorating living rooms. But utilitarian spaces such as the bathroom or the shower put your design skills to the test. If you want to make a shower look cool and unique, you have to be clever and to see beyond the functional part of the design. They all have the potential to look amazing and you just have to find the right design approach.

1 | A Horizontal Shower (Dornbracht’s new Horizontal Shower unit)  seems like a unique thing to have. The luxurious shower lets you achieve total relaxation, get rid of all the stress and the tension in your muscles. It may even be better than taking a bath.1-cool-horizontal-shower-design



2 | Wouldn’t be great to have a shower that leads straight outside? You can design it with double glass doors that can also serve as windows for a compact shower unit.4-indoor-outdoor-shower-design

3 | Of course, vertical showers can be relaxing and luxurious too. Take a look at this one. Water sprays in jets and massages your body and all you have to get is stand there5-body-spa-shower-alcove

4 | Sometimes a cool shower just has to look stunning. This one is great at it. It looks like rain and water pours down gently and beautifully, an awesome idea for open showers like this one.Found on fancy.6-Raindance-Royal-350-AIR-Shower-Head

5 | A compact shower that’s not part of the bathroom but rather integrated into the open layout of this home. The ceiling shower head, the granite and the glass walls all form a very nice design.

6 | Install temperature sensitive glass tiles in your shower and they’ll change color according to the temperature of the water. They may look plain and simple at first but they’re actually pretty unique.{found on bookofjoe}.8-glass-tile-color-change

7 | How about this shower? It has one of the most splendid and minimalist designs you can ever come up with and yet it stands out majestically. It’s a combination between the shape, the transparency and the location.9-circular-shower-design-middle-of-bathroom

8 | A long and narrow bathroom is not necessarily a disadvantage. Just look how cool this shower is. And the combination of materials and finishes and exquisite as well. The space feels very relaxing, just like a spa.10-concrete-narrow-shower-bathroom

9 | And here’s another great shower that proves you don’t need a lot of space to make the most of simple experiences. Multiple shower heads are installed at different heights for maximum efficiency and relaxation.11-colorful-morrocan-shower-tiles

10 | And here’s yet another small but stunning shower. It’s all about planning the design and investing in the right accessories in order to get the best shower experience you can afford.12-small-but-stunning-shower-design

11 | Consider using light to enhance your shower experience. Certain shower heads are sensitive to temperature and change color accordingly but you can also create your own perfect ambiance using accent lighting.13-colorful-led-light-for-shower

12 | The materials you use are also important. Use stone and wood if you want your shower to look relaxing and you can even make it look like a sort of hidden cave like in this case.14-cave-shower-design

13 | How about a tropical shower? Cover the walls with stone and you can even make a nice little stone bench. Glass walls and doors can let light in and you can also create an artificial waterfall.15-natural-rock-shower-room

14 | Frame the shower with wooden logs. They can really enhance the whole décor. The stone floor also helps with the whole rustic look in this case.16-mountain-shower-design

15 | This would have to be one of the Most Zen Showers you can dream of. The mirrored panel on the ceiling can resemble a skylight for just a moment and it reflects the beautiful fresh décor. The plants are a wonderful addition and the way water gathers and falls down like rain is simply stuning.17-love-this-bathroom-shower

16 | This glass-encased shower takes center stage in this master bedroom suite. It’s an element that divided and connects the different areas at the same time.18-open-plan-bedroom-cool-shower

17 | LED strips installed on the ceiling enhance the shower experience and make the design stand out by highlight key elements in the room.19-leds-make-the-shower-stand-out

18 | LED lighting also accentuate the elegance of this minimalist shower. The transparent glass walls allow the rest of the room to feel unobstructed and airy and the turquoise accents look really great in the gray context.20-modern-led-shower-design

19 | A stunning outdoor shower can be designed with a tub featuring an organic shape, sculptural stones all around it and pebble floor.21-outdoor-bathing-area-cool

20 | A minimalist design can have a dramatic visual impact if you pick the right elements and accent details. This shower impresses with its stature, shape and exquisite palette of materials.22-Curved-bespoke-shower-enclosure

21 | This shower cubicle is completely exposed to the outdoors. There’s only a glass wall between it and the courtyard/ garden. An interesting idea but the lack of privacy can be an issue for some.23-garden-shower-view-no-privacy

22 | If you like summer rains, then you’ll love this shower. It’s perfect for the garden. The Viteo outdoor shower is compact, has an elegant design and can be set up in just a few minutes.Available for €625,00.24-Viteo-outdoor-shower

23 | Transform your outdoor shower into refreshing oasis. The combination of stone and greenery is spectacular and this tropical shower is definitely one to dream about.25-tropical-outdoor-shower-design

24 | And speaking of outdoor showers, take a look at this one. It’s a circular shower with jets of water coming from every direction except from below. Definitely a focal point for the poolside area, patio or garden.26-loop-shower1


15 | And if. For whatever reason, you stuck somewhere where there’s no shower, you can always be prepared. This pocket shower fits in the palm of your hand. Fill it with water, hang it from a tree and enjoy. Perfect for campers.Found for £16.99.28-pocket-shower-camping-design


Source: Homedit

Updated: 20.10.2014 — 03:58