30 Quirky Ways To Use Your Utensils

27. Decorating the spoon head with wire and beads is a nice touch. Follow this tutorial. Bulletin Board
Screw forks on the wall and sick in business cards, invites, etc. Pinned here. Painted Spoons Wall Art
Dip the tips of spoons in paint and hot glue them to a canvas. 24. 30. Read these instructions. Read about it here. 3. 7. Key Hangers
Paint blocks of wood, secure them to wall, and glue on bent silverware for a pretty way to never lose your keys again. Chandelier
Hang silverware around a light fixture for a truly unique chandelier. Fork Cheese Markers
Cut the stems off of forks and stamp them. Check out this video tutorial. 29. Just stick a name tag in the tines of each fork. Corn Skewers
Bend the two outer tines of a fork into nice curls, then create an arch in the handle. For further instructions, read this post. (You’ll need to know how to cut and how to stamp for several of them.)

1. Kitchen Cabinet Handles
Flatten the top of a spoon, and bend the stem into a handle shape, then drill to kitchen cabinets. 12. Spoon Pendants
Cut off the stems of spoons, flatten them, and hammer a saying of your choice. 2. Posted By MMK on Nov 4, 2014 | comments

They’re   not just for eating anymore — turn your forks and spoons into beautiful and unexpected crafts. Spoon Storage
As in this pin, bend large old spoons, screw them to the wall, and use the spoon head for storing nicknacks. 21. Photo Stand
Use pliers to bend the tines into a photo stand. 20. Check out this tutorial. Bowl
Weave together silverware into a bowl-like shape, as this Etsy seller did. Elegant Wall Art
Spray paint some utensils white, and fasten them in a matching frame for chic but funky wall art. Read about ithere. Guys’ Fork Bracelet
A more masculine version of the above- read about this and lots of other jewelry ideas here. 22. Drill a hole on one end to make a pendant or keyring. 8. 16. 19. 18. Check out this tutorial. 11. From this site. 13. An easy DIY inspired by   this purchasable version, or check out these instructions for the yellow Chrysanthemum version. Read about it here. Wind Chime
Flatten the silverware before drilling holes and hanging. Found on Indulgy. Clock

Decorate around a simple clock face with colorful utensils. Plant Markers
Stamp the heads of spoons and the handles of forks to create plant markers. Egg Cup

Bend a fork into an egg cup — just follow the hand-drawn tutorial from this site. 28. Napkin Rings

Bend spoons into napkin rings like this Etsy seller did. Find the quick an easy tutorial here. Lampshade
This lampshade is made from 40 forks, spoons, and knives hung on a wire. Check outthese instructions. Check out the full tutorialhere. 5. The spoons shown are actually a metallic-looking plastic. Wrapped Silverware
Wrap jewelry in colorful yarn to jazz up utensils for a dinner party, like this blogger. 17. Fork Ring
Cut the head of a fork and wrap into a ring shape, as in this pin.

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