Cj Hendry – New Playing Card Series

Since the first images of her meticulous work were published on Instagram, CJ Hendry has been exclusively represented by thecoolhunter. Each card is 60cm x 60cm framed – To pre order before the show email [email   protected] She is the extraordinary pen-and-ink artist whose work we fell in love with and then introduced to the public, first through Instagram and then at our Art Hunter temporary art experience in Sydney that we hosted with Jaguar. We are in the planning stages of introducing the cards – and other CJ Hendry exclusive artworks – at a live space in Sydney or Melbourne next month, but we cannot reveal the details just yet. Those of you who are regular TCH readers know of CJ Hendry already.  
She started her series of images of playing cards, one image per crumpled card, and we posted one of the cards on Instagram a week ago.  
The success of her work has been absolutely phenomenal, and for a good reason. Keep an eye on The Cool Hunter for final specifics. Nothing compares to the mesmerising result of her painstaking work.

Updated: 06.11.2014 — 07:44