The Brick House by iSTUDIO Architecture

farmhouse set within hills and farms. These proved low cost and eco-friendly technologies, allowing this 2500 sq ft structure to be constructed in INR 20 lacs due to reduced requirement of steel, cement bricks. iSTUDIO Architecture have designed the Brick House, a farmhouse located in the rural settlements near Mumbai, India. Taking inspiration from architect Laurie Baker, we used techniques like rat-trap bonds brickwork, filler slabs, brick jalis, brick arches, built-in furniture and use of local material. The organic form emerges from the ground and flows into the skyline, following curved dips and peaks. The positions and sizes of the openings are dictated by climatology, ensuring natural light, cross ventilation and passive cooling. Architect: iSTUDIO Architecture
Photography by Bhai Dupare Photography and ANClicks Each space flows into another along curved lines, leading into a seamless space held by the central courtyard. South-west position of first floor bedroom provides shade to courtyard and keeps water body cool. As one enters into the structure, one is greeted by the soft sunlight falling to the central body of water and the coolness within the structure. The impact of the architecture of the structure is strong, leading the viewer to a new observation, not allowing him to be complacent about the space which he occupies.

Updated: 06.11.2014 — 13:44