Japanese acupuncture clinic by id inc is lined with mint-green cabinets

Tiers of mint green cabinets with square drawers are stacked one on top of each other, stretching from the green painted ceiling to a pale wooden floor. The two spaces are separated by a white waiting room with glass doors, which also form the entrance point to the building. Photography is by id inc. “It expressly tells that one building has two spaces for each different purpose,” said the designers. “Since early times, there have been many medicine shelves at   pharmacies that handle herbal medicine,” said id inc co-founders Seiji Oguri and Yohei Oki, who have also designed for Nendo. “Thick drape curtains were intended to create a soft impression even though it is an examination room,” they explained. In some of the open drawers, customers can explore the texture and aroma of herb samples kept in apothecary jars, while stacks of books on oriental medicine can be perused in others. While the Kampo Lounge is dressed in pastel green cabinetry and paintwork, stark white walls and soft drapery surround the private treatment areas of the acupuncture and moxibustion clinic. The furniture is covered in mock drawer fronts that aim to create a “uniform expression” for the space. Related story: Kohki Hiranuma’s Osaka dental surgery features curvy corners and a twisted roofThe space operates as both a herbal pharmacy and a treatment clinic, as well as a place for customers to learn about traditional oriental medicine. Pale green medicine cabinets are stacked up along the walls of this Japanese acupuncture clinic by Tokyo design office id inc (+ slideshow).

Updated: 06.11.2014 — 23:45