Ron Arad’s Spring furniture collection "turned the direction of Moroso"

I marked it and he cut it and we did Misfits.”
Three Nuns by Ron Arad for MorosoIn 2013 Arad created a stool for Moroso that rests on sprung steel loops for legs, based on the Two Nuns Bike he designed, which uses the same steel loops instead of spokes. She was fresh from the University of Bologna and she knew what she was doing. Dezeen Book of Interviews: Ron Arad features in our new book, which is on sale now”I’m very amused by this, because I thought we’d completed all the cycles,” Arad says. “I remember the sideways looks I got,” he explains. If you want I’ll do a collection for you, I don’t just want to give you a piece.’ And she said: ‘Va bene,’ which I understood meant ‘okay’.”
Ron Arad and Patrizia MorosoArad says the success of the collection was down to Patrizia’s determination, despite reservations from other members of her family. What is he doing here?”
“She was very brave. I don’t need to tell you that Moroso became one of the leading firms in contemporary furniture.”
Big Easy armchair by Ron Arad for MorosoThe company’s creative director Patrizia Moroso approached Arad after seeing his work in Milan. There is something very pleasing about doing a stool that moves up and down and sideways and it doesn’t have a structure.”
Ron Arad. Related story: “It was Ron Arad’s first experience of industrial design””A long time ago I used to bring stuff that I made in London to Milan,” he explains. “Patrizia turned up and said: ‘Wow, that’s nice, can we make it in Moroso?'”
“I said: ‘No, I don’t want you to do this. “Who is this guy? Movie: in the first of a series of exclusive video interviews filmed for Moroso, Ron Arad tells the story behind his first collection for the Italian brand, which he says helped it become “one of the leading firms in contemporary furniture.”
Spring Collection by Ron Arad for MorosoArad’s 1991 Spring collection for Moroso consists of a variety of different chairs, including an upholstered version of his Big Easy armchair, which was originally hand-crafted out of stainless steel. Initially she only wanted to reproduce the Big Easy armchair, but Arad convinced her to do a collection together. Three Nuns by Ron Arad for Moroso”After the bike I thought it would be nice to do a stool that is only suspension,” Arad explains. “Me doing something in metal to look like upholstery, blah blah blah.”
“Here I come and from a distance I said: ‘What’s that metal chair doing there?’ But it’s not metal, it’s plastic.”
Misfits by Ron Arad for MorosoOther products by Arad for Moroso include a 2007 modular seating system called Misfits. Copyright: DezeenThis movie was filmed at the Moroso Loves London exhibition at Moroso’s London showroom at 7-15 Rosebery Avenue. “We used a knife that’s used to cut meat and we cut the foam with it.

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