Emily & Aaron’s Condo Renovation: The Big Reveal — Renovation Diary

Now that we have the furniture in there I can’t imagine what else the room would’ve been used for. We’ve been following along with them through the whole project, and now it’s time to take a look at the finished product. The size and shape of the room is perfect for a two person work space. Whenever we have a few friends over, we are usually having our meals out there. Even now, I can make a list of things we still need to work on, but for all intents and purposes, the contractor is out, we’re moved in, and it finally feels like home! Upstairs, we converted the bonus room into an office/studio. We tried to invest money in things that we knew would get a lot of use, like countertops and flooring, and to save our money in other areas, such as bathroom fixtures. From Emily:

The funny thing about home renovation is it never feels like we’re done. All in all, I think this strategy served us well in the end. Overall, considering that we did all this on a budget, we are pretty satisfied with the quality of materials we chose. And be sure to join us tomorrow for a full budget breakdown. Readers, check out the full series to see the whole renovation process, step-by-step. One of our best decisions was having the deck furniture custom made so that it would fit into that nook perfectly. Little things like that make this kitchen perfect for our family. Some might prefer storage there instead of a desk but for us, a laptop work station close to the kitchen is a plus. One of the best parts of designing a kitchen from scratch was obviously tailoring it for our needs. We love how the staircase turned out. Name: Aaron and Emily ChoiType of Project: Full remodel, including the kitchen and two bathroomsLocation: La Jolla, CaliforniaType of building: Condo; 1300 square feet

After having seen the original look of Emily and Aaron’s condo, complete with not-so-charming vintage touches (like yucky green carpet in the bathroom), it’s hard to believe this is the same space. It’s not a very large nor attractive space so by having furniture that fit, it allows the space to function more effectively.

Updated: 06.11.2014 — 13:46