Design Dozen: The World’s Coolest Built-In Bookshelves

From Emily Henderson’s home, featured on Domino. (Image credits: Lundia; Trendland; Build Au; Papercity; Hus Hem; Assemble Papers; Elle Decor Italia; Covet Garden; Domino; Desire to Inspire; Pietro Russo; AD Russia) The way the cornice runs into the bookcase is an interesting detail. And yes, that’s a… Bookcases enliven a hallway in a house from Build Au. The ultimate library. Books on a staircase, spotted on Desire to Inspire. I love rooms where bookshelves wrap the windows — they feel so bright and cozy all at the same time. glass landing? This one is from AD Russia. There’s nothing lovelier than being surrounded by books all the time… From Covet Garden. An unusual bookcase as room divider, from Pietro Russo. I would be terrified. I’m in love with this cozy, book-filled nook from Papercity. A unique built-in bookcase spotted on Assemble Papers

I love the idea of a bookcase built into a soffit — or the space above a doorway. From Hus Hem via Stained Poems.

Updated: 06.11.2014 — 21:46