Living the Label-less Life

If you love the feeling of such a look, you might be like me in seeking a label-less life:

Doing so is definitely easier said than done, however. I just didn’t want to see labels jotted all over the basement every time I’m in there doing laundry! I keep a super-sized bottle of Goo Gone for removing stickers from all sorts of products, from electronics to glassware. A similar instance was met with disbelief at the car dealership where we purchased our first car six years ago. On signing the papers for the car’s purchase, we had one special request: that the dealership leave their company logo off of the car. See how nothing can be easily traced to a store, brand, or designer? We use the same for removing labels from jeans, some of which have the size of the clothing printed right on it (We’re looking at you, Levi’s!). Another invaluable tool for blankets, pillows, and clothing is a seam ripper! The instructions for use are pretty straight-forward and we are happy to reference the manuals if necessary. Some helpful posts from our archives on the subject:

Some label-less brands (oxymoronic as that sounds):

What advice or resources do you have for those looking to live a label-less life? (Image credits: Shira’s Berkeley Bungalow) I was reminded of this quite literally just last week when some HVAC equipment was installed at my house. Does the photo above appeal to you in its simplicity? We’ve done some things around the house to remove labels make for less visual clutter and less branding in our home — a place where we want to feel free of advertising. The salesman acted like he had never had such a request and seemed confused but we persisted.

Updated: 07.11.2014 — 01:47