Make a Shopping/Supply List and Set a Budget — The Style Cure: Assignment #10

Sit in the room you are curing to write your list. Write out your supply/shopping list. Refer to yesterdays research to make sure you’re adding all the necessary little odds and ends to your list, especially for projects you are tackling for the first time. Items can be super specific (such as a West Elm Parsons Wall Mirror) or general (large potted plant for desk) but include them, regardless. Think about the supplies needed for any projects – paint (how much?), painting supplies, (maybe even a painter!), fabric, thread, frames – as well as the products – side table, task lamp, oversized vase, new towels. Look around, take your time and envision the new colors, textures, objects and items that you want to add to the space; “seeing” what is going to be there in this way will help you to avoid forgetting key items.

Updated: 07.11.2014 — 03:47