10 Ways to Make a Warm & Cozy Round Area Rug

Here are ten projects to DIY. Turn your old ragged t-shirts into a braided rag rug like this one Cuada Designs. If you know how to crochet, this pattern from Molla Mills is available through Mollie Makes magazine. BOTTOM ROW
Adri of Dreambook Designs shows you how to turn a fabric tablecloth into a circular rug. El Blog de DMC shares a lacier crochet pattern if you prefer a more vintage look. Nicety shows you how in this tutorial. Hardwood floors in the winter hardly do them any favors. You can sew together sections of coiled up twine or natural rope to make a sturdy and organic looking area rug. Pom poms can be joined to create a fun and fluffy rug. I have terrible blood circulation, which means my extremities are always freezing, especially my feet and toes. If you prefer a more nautical or beach-y look, like this one from Better Homes Gardens, leave off the fabric and just use a two-tone rope. More information:

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(Image credits: El Blog de DMC; A Beautiful Mess; Better Homes Gardens; Sara Plath; Mollie Makes; Dreambook Design; Cuada Design; Nicety; Flax Twine; Casa)

Updated: 07.11.2014 — 05:47