Secret Fantasies, Grownup Style

Confession time! Want a puppy? Sure! Things like being hospitalized for exhaustion just to get to take a good nap, when a friend cancels those plans that you were secretly dreading or, the one that made me laugh out loud: five minutes alone in a public bathroom. But adults have some secret fantasies too and they’re shockingly…well, boring. Here’s one of my secret adult fantasies: Someone I’m dreading calling doesn’t pick up and I get to leave a message (and avoid all the chit-chat). Ice cream for dinner? (Image credits: Pablo Enriquez) What are your secret adult fantasies? Heaven! Your turn! We’re just loving this hilariously true New Yorker article about the stuff that adults dream about. And then, read the whole article over at the New Yorker.

Updated: 07.11.2014 — 07:47